Passion for exceptional performance.

Exciting designs, irresistible contours and pure passion – it’s how cars are meant to be. Powerful from the instant you turn the key, safe to install and proving their endurance in every situation – that’s the nature of Safa batteries.

Whether it’s on long journeys, in applications requiring frequent stops or while looking for a parking space in winding streets, with Safa you’ll enjoy every kilometre. As a major Italian brand with a distinguished history, we were already setting new standards in mobile energy supply in the 1930s. With the same passion that powered our constant innovation, we also entered the world of motor racing to demonstrate our performance. It’s a spirit that’s remained part of the Safa brand’s success story to this day. In a country that not only gave birth to brilliant motorcycles but also many of the world’s most beautiful cars, Safa’s technical masterpieces also contributed their part to creating the legend that is Italian motoring. An outstanding performance in all the most significant races of the 1940s and 1950s, its own motorcycle racing team and a large number of patents clearly impressed the growing number of motorists and bikers – and leading manufacturers. Benelli, Cagiva and MV Augusta all chose Safa, bringing performance and style together in perfect harmony.

Safa is a brand name of Clarios, the world’s leading supplier of car batteries, giving us leading-edge expertise acquired from supplying batteries to manufacturers and a wide range of premium products. It means we also already manufacture batteries for the vehicles of the future, especially micro hybrid models with automatic start-stop. With Safa, it goes without saying that batteries are completely maintenance-free, and that you get a perfectly matched product range and first-class retailer support. So with Safa, you’re not just getting a lifestyle shaped by freedom and individuality, but also advanced technologies for maximum performance and reliability.